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Woke up early this morning and we drove out to the far side of the universe (Chandler) to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build. The bulk of the building was done, so the day was dedicated to touch-up painting, cleaning, general pickup and that sort of stuff, and despite the fact that it really wasn't that strenuous (I spent most of the day scrubbing the wall finishing and paint off the tub surrounds in the bathrooms), I ache all over. Phoo. Then they fed us subs and chips and we got home fairly early.

I was sad I left my camera in the car, though, because as we were getting our greetings and folks were signing in, several hot air balloons floated over, making awesome pictures as they crossed the early morning moon. It was nifty. The folks who live out that way were like "meh, we see them every weekend." Maybe living in Chandler is worthwhile or something.

But anyway...
Japanese liquor in nifty bottle:

Once upon a time, this was the first "civilization" one could see when driving from Tucson to Phoenix; now it's practically in the middle of town:

But despite all that, had to get a little shopping done, and some laundry, and now...


Oh, went back to Border's store closing sale and spent more money -- got the two books I'd put BACK the first time we went, and this time did not mean to buy any DVDs, but in just walking past the shelves where the DVDs were 40% off, saw Doctor Who: The War Games. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I've been dying to see that one -- it's the finale for Doctor Two, and is supposed to be one of his best adventures (certainly one of the all-time longest, with ten episodes). YAY. Of course I bought that. And history and biography is all the way down to 60% off, so I got Rosanne Cash's Composed and a history of the mess caused by the end of WWI.
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