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I have about five reviews due on Friday and haven't written even one of them. Tomorrow is September 1, and I want to finish a first draft by September 12. I've been drinking a lot of rum and Diet Cokes. Many of the British slang sites I've found are nicely comprehensive, but they're British-to-American rather than the other way around. I've only read half of the current Tai-Pan issue. I checked three books out of the library on Friday in the optimistic view that I would be able to actually read them during the checkout period. I'm re-reading the Midnight Louie series because "Cat in an Orange Twist" just came out and I love to read an entire series each time a new volume in the series comes out (especially when the story is this linear). My thighs hurt, seeming to tell me the increases in my workout are either working or are bad, depending on who you talk to about workouts. I woke up this morning with my neck feeling like I slept with my head tucked up under my arm. There was more mail today than we normally get after the long Thanksgiving weekend, which bodes really ill for this coming Thanksgiving. I was rearranging some scenes and thinking, "didn't I already write this?" and so wasted a lot of time reading through other scenes to try and find out if I had already written the scene, or had just thought about it a lot, and ending up working on an entirely different scene that I hadn't planned on working on tonight at all. Have been seduced by pretty gumball machines and now want one. Found one that looks like a jukebox and takes all coins (combination bank/gumball dispenser) for only about $50. How much more can I cram into one paragraph? I am getting hooked on "Emeril Live." I didn't used to like it, but there's something loveable about the guy. He can't pronounce Southwestern words to save his life, though. "Yucca" in particular was making my hair stand on end. I realized I haven't touched my guitar in some time, but a new posting at the tabs board I go to made me pick it up. Steel strings hurt when one isn't in practice, but at least I can still play.

And so, if anyone is still reading after that long and disjointed paragraph, I remain busy but very chipper. :)

Time for bed now.
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