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No, and I won't let you take cuts at the grocery store, either

If people would, when they see the blinking hazard sign which says "LEFT LANE CLOSED AHEAD" get into the right lane immediately, instead of RACING to where they will be forced into the right turn lane, ALL of us would get there a lot faster. Instead, we're bottle-necked because these MORONS just HAVE to race past the line and squeeze in ahead of everyone who waited patiently! (Grrr. Argh. Frickin' two-thirds of Phoenix is under construction, especially between here an the office.)

So a drive that normally takes me about ten minutes took roughly thirty this afternoon, then more construction on Oak and moronic drivers who appear to be in the left lane but meander into the right just as you're trying to pass them on the right.

But on the plus side, I seem to have lost 3 pounds since the top of the month, so working out is, well, working.

I posted a shot of this from around the back, from the theatres at the Esplanade, but this is the front. I love this building, even if John McCain has a residence here.

Hey, look, we're up to today.

Oh, it's him again:

Am still cranky. At least lately I've been in a good enough mood to notice when the creeping melancholies come, well, creeping.

OMG, I left this sitting here and didn't POST it last night? *IS DUMB*
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