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Thinking More Thinky Thoughts

Adam Savage rocks. Not only is he a Mythbuster, he's apparently really SMART. Three cheers.

And for this kid, too.

Not the best shot, I have to try again -- this is really the prettiest sort of tree this time of year. They're not REALLY orchids, but the blossoms resemble orchids, so that's what they're called. This is a pinkish-purple one, and there's a white one near it:

Here's another shot of two others (also a white and purple), for Day 198:

It was naturally going to happen, the day after Barb and I packed away our winter sweaters, it was going to get cold again, just in time for the first day of spring (this was eight in the morning, so the sun IS up):

So it's been surprisingly cold the last few days, of course, since I DID pack away all my winter clothes and took out all the spring/summer stuff. Ah, Phoenix weather.

This morning I finished reading Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World at the gym, and there I was crying on the treadmill. It's sad, certainly, at the end, but it's also amazingly uplifting, and while the prose is very simple, it's very compelling, as well. I just loved it. *sniffle*

Not only do I hate working the 8:30 - 5:00 hours, it's BORING after 3:30 or so. We finish up the important work before 3:15 (when the early shift leaves), and the hours thereafter are just marking time and making work, two things I just hate doing. And since our secondary backup is leaving, he who actually seems to like this shift, it probably means I won't be able to switch back when the usual 9-5'er comes back from medical leave.

I hope when the consolidation is done I'll be able to get on the early shift again.

Barb seared tuna steaks and made sliced baked yams. Yum.
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