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I haven't posted since the 14th? Ye gods, now I'm really behind.

I had to spend a few days catching up on my writing critiques, as I totally forgot the deadline was March 15th -- my mind was focused on the fact that date is also my mom's birthday, and Amazon for the first time really dragged their feet in delivering a package to me (probably because I also ordered some memory cards for my camera), and I didn't even GET her package until the 14th.

So, anyway...

I got it done on Thursday and then proceeded to crochet and shop and do general Friday/weekend things (have almost finished the big chenille afghan thanks to eBay; we went out to look at tile on Saturday morning; and some other stuff) and somehow it's Monday and WOW, it's a freakin' week later. So naturally, this means a lot of PicSpam.

And to celebrate, here's a picture of my Mom, who turned 76 on that day (with Barb, at the Magic Kingdom):

Also spent a lot of the weekend keeping up with the ol' DVR and finishing Season 2 of The Tudors.

Trader Joe's has added yet another delicious item, the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups -- taste at your own peril (nom).


This is usually a pretty common sight, but lately it's like they KNOW I was trying to get a picture, and I had to really carry the danged thing with me everywhere before I managed to actually catch them:

This is nifty.

So is this:

I'll catch up to today tomorrow. Because, if nothing else, I am...

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