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Writer's Block: Double vision

If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

Well, now, is this a true alternate universe, or just what I wish I'd done in this one? A really awesome alternate universe? One where my brother didn't screw up QUITE as badly as he did, and he and Dad reconciled--and while Dad might still have passed, Tim might still be alive there. In some ways the way things worked out (all things have a reason) is good -- Mom and I are probably closer than we ever would have been if Tim (or Dad) were still alive, but say in the Altiverse they're still around. I'd have to really think about what changes that would have made in ME -- if Dad hadn't been in that accident, I probably would have at least finished college, and I probably would have taken that exchange trip to Japan.

But anyway...

The leader of my writing group dropped a reminder that my critiques are due tomorrow. Oops, I forgot. I may have to disappear for the next day or so as I try to get caught up.

I just tried a saline wash for my sinuses. It feels strange, but I don't seem to be congested anymore, so maybe it's a good thing.

This is what a lot of the trees and shrubs look like right now, as they come back from the hard freeze we had in January.

Back to work.
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