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This was going to be Grump II, but I can't remember now what I was grumpy about

Apparently I was busier the last few days than I thought, because I haven't posted since Wednesday. I spent a couple of weeks at work trying to take care of the incredible stupidity of another department who is SUPPOSED to be handling these things but apparently had not done so since November, which means that nearly everything that was sent back to "paper management" was no longer available as paper, since we only KEEP paper for eight days. (Being an imaging department means we make the rest of the company paperless. Sort of the point of our department. When we can't locate a claim for incoming documents, we send it electronically to the department that's supposed to open claims for handling. Apparently -- not doing that. ARGH.)

ANYWAY, I finally finished this task. Whew.

I can barely remember Thursday. I know I did something -- I remember watching Big Bang Theory, anyway.

The only good things about these hours is being able to not just get in a good morning workout, but also have the time to make good use of the swimming pool and spa areas. Woot. Solid week one of good workout, using the tips the trainer gave me, and feeling much better.

Friday we went over to the Borders-is-closing-this-store clearance sale, and I spent WAY too much money buying things I didn't need, but I WAS able to actually put back a few things, thinking to myself that if Borders is still open in two weeks, I'll go back and check and see if the prices have gone any further down (most of the store was still only 30% off), and maybe get the ones I put back if they're still there. Mostly I got a lot of Christmas music I've thought about getting but haven't, since Christmas was marked 75% off, and some books to read add to the pile.

"I'm sure it went under here..."

"Swiffer is fun! She's doing this to amuse ME!"

A cat in a bag. Life is good.

Today was likewise busy. I got up much earlier than I wanted to because the cats were starving, I tell you, starving. And I had woken up in the night and for some reason my brain decided to start remembering a mall that's been totally rebuilt from the inside out and envisioning how it used to be back in the 80's and early 90's (why, brain, WHY?). Anyway, got up, cleaned some of the things, and then we headed out for some of the usual Caturday shopping (Petsmart for moar cat food & dog toys, food shopping, and then to Costco, where I found Brisco County Jr., The Complete Series for $14.99!!!!!!!! I'm SO glad I waited for the price to come down!). Then a stop at World Market for wine tasting (and purchasing), off for haircuts, and home to a big pot of beef stew.

A good Caturday, indeed.
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