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Merry Shrove Tuesday, y'all.

I want to know how it is that three cats can make so very much more mess than just two cats. He's not a big cat, where does all the waste come from?

Today there was no mail in the box, which seemed suspicious, so I thought, "well, I'll check the locked box." We bought a locked mailbox some time back, when someone was stealing my NetFlix DVDs, but after about a month, our postman stopped using it and started putting EVERYTHING (not just packages) in our big package box. So I fell out of the habit of checking the locked box.

Well, inside was not only today's mail, but also some other days when our mail was light -- including some Christmas cards (thanks, evil_little_dog) AND (ta da!) the cashmere yarn I was missing. It never even occurred to me someone would try and STUFF a bag of yarn in through a slot. But the cashmere apparently smooshed nicely. So there it is. Fortunately, no bills or anything of vast import, mostly catalogs and "send us more money!" charity pleas.

This is the office down the block from us, where many people with cool license plates work (and a pretty white aspen or birch or something, still leafless):

There is a dutch oven filled with jambalaya on the stove. It seems yummy. We shall see.

Just being adorable:

More of Las Vegas, part of the City Center between Bellagio and Monte Carlo:

He kept staying in the shadow of his half-ball, but:

Jambalaya good! King cake likewise nommy. Delicious slaw and bread to complete the meal. Nom.

ETA. Oh, yeah -- random web silliness, but I think God actually looks more like David Tennant than Nathan Fillion here...
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