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Quantum Physics Means Anything Can Happen at Any Time For No Reason

This cat (Churro) is so cute it's practically illegal, and yet, it's merely a disguise for his deep, deep, DEEP evil.

New gym rocks. It makes the old gym look like a dump (and seriously, it was). I saw at least two familiar faces from the old gym (not a surprise we'd just move down the block).

On the bad hand, Bally charged me again, and if I'm not mistaken, it was well after they should have received my letter and membership card. This displeases me, and they better fix this. I very, very stupidly didn't save a copy of the letter I sent with the date I sent it, so... ARGH. *is dumb*

This mural is actually more colorful than shows here, and alas, it's been marred some by a little tagging, but I like it:

Headache mostly gone, but still been on and off today. I don't like it.

On nutmeg3's advice, I have ordered a nommy-looking king cake from New Orleans. It's supposed to be delivered on Saturday, in time for Fat Tuesday.

Being Human (the UK version) rocks. That is all.
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