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The Week Got Away From Me

Salute, Brig (see icon, cribbed from Barb). The greatest friend (not exactly a companion, but...) the Doctor ever had.

I'm not exactly sure how, although between these insane hours (honestly, again, I just don't understand how anyone works until 5 pm all the time, really. By the time I get off everything's closed or closing and I can never get anything done and I barely get home and have dinner and then it's time for bed!) and having a few appointments, the next thing I know, it's Caturday again.

And so, to fill in...

Winter storm rolling in from the north:

This is our dog, Bo, and his cat, Churro:

Last week I watched the treasure from the BBC which is Being Human and while I have no real opinion about the SyFy remake of same, I'm wondering how in God's name an American channel -- any American channel, cable or otherwise -- is going to be able to get this dark and still hang on. After all, we're told constantly by "ratings" and "network executives" that audiences don't like things this dark, and can't follow a plot line this intense. And did no less a luminary as Joss Whedon seem to imply that once a character gets this dark, they "can't come back"? Hmmmm.

I discovered today that some yarn I ordered off eBay WAS apparently delivered a couple of weeks ago, but I never received it. Phooey. It was lovely cashmere yarn, too, although fortunately not horribly expensive.

And Bo wearing his favorite Cat Tail Necklace:

This used to be an Abby, and, as I got further around the back, it must have also been a parochial school, since there are several low school buildings behind this front area. It's been boarded up for more than a year now:

Every so often I get a real hankering for chewy candy (like Starburst), but when I bought Starburst this week to satisfy this craving, I found that Starburst apparently sucks now (like a lot of candies I used to love). So I went to the Asian market to get the Japanese Hi-Chew, which, while does not come in assorted packages, is pretty consistently good (and chewy), and comes in flavors like green apple, strawberry, melon, mango, and a few others -- some I have to order from J-List, but others are carried locally, I just have to go to several different Asian markets to get them all.

Yet another thing I miss about having framefolly around is when we buy something strange to us at the Asian market, she's not here to tell me all about it, like if this Dragonfruit we bought is ripe. It's sort of bland and flavorless, so we're guessing probably not (I've tasted dragonfruit juice, but of course it was sweetened, so I'm not really sure).
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