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Random Things Which Are Random

A little while ago, I was ripping old discs back into my music library, and then organizing my playlists for loading, when I noticed the name "Victor Garber" in the "artists" list. Not unusual, I have Garber singing in several shows -- what was strange was this was in the original Broadway cast of Sweeney Todd. Why, I didn't know he'd been in that, and my mind immediately went to Garber as he is NOW, not considering that the Original Broadway Cast of Sweeney Todd was the early 80s, nearly 30 years ago; so I figured if he was singing Joanna, why, of course he must have played the Judge? No, that was Edmund Lydeck, I knew that... no, Victor Garber was the original ANTHONY. I never noticed that before!

I'm pondering whether I should buy a King Cake from a real bakery in New Orleans for Mardi Gras or just make one of my own. The bakery ones look REALLY nommy, they're not horribly expensive (for what they are), and they come with masks and beads and all manner of things. But on the other hand, it's not like they're tough to make, even with a fancy cherry-chocolate filling. Mardi Gras is early this year, March 8. Only two weeks away!

I'm finding I'm enjoying The Tudors; I tried to record it off BBCA a few weeks ago when it was on an overnight marathon, but every so often my BBCA connection fritzes and the satellite feed just FREEZES -- and it did that, for ten solid hours. *sigh* So I just rented the first few discs. It's a testament to the young fellow playing Henry that despite being one of history's biggest womanizing assholes that I'm actually feeling really bad for him here at the end of episode 5, when his bastard son dies.

This handsome fellow was strutting his stuff amidst his harem (and some other roosters, as well) on the front lawn of a house down a few blocks from us on Earll Street.


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