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Valentine's Day (Belated)

I meant to post this yesterday, of course, but never once had the time to sit down to the computer. (I hate these hours. I don't know how anyone ever gets ANYTHING done working 9-5, seriously. I bow down before you all.)

So... Valentine's Day. This is going to be a schmoopy love ode to my wife, so deal.

Last night I took my wife out for sushi at a new place, since they closed our old favorite sushi joint. Stingray is nice, much nicer than local online reviews have made it out; in any case, we enjoyed it muchly. We had rolls and nigiri and some lovely sashimi; the only thing really missing from their menu is a nice sampler platter of sashimi, like Zen 32 had. But the drinks were very good, and despite the fact there was only 7 minutes left on Happy Hour, our waitress gave us Happy Hour pricing on the rolls and the drinks (we left a good tip). There was only about a 20 minute wait, too. I was rather surprised how many families were out for dinner on Valentine's Day, though. I would think the kids would get left with a sitter on V-Day. There's also some other yummy-looking items on the menu, including bento lunches, although I know any time we go there, we'll more than likely have sushi.

Still have to try some of those other joints further afield.

I brought home two dozen roses (white and pink) and she had waiting for me a mixed bouquet. We have flowers everywhere. One vase was knocked over, but only water was spilled. (Cats!)

We’ve only been “married,” as far as that goes, a little over two years now. We’ve been together since 1987. And we’ve been through a lot poorer and a little better off now; we’ve dug in and made this house a home, with a menagerie of cats over the years and a passel of dogs, some fish for a while, and a rotation of cars (it occurs to me suddenly I got the truck about the same time we got Silly. Hmmm). But I was thinking about it yesterday, and it came to me that, to my continual surprise, she loves me. For some reason, this amazingly intelligent, sharp-witted, talented individual chose ME, and she LOVES me. She really does. No matter how whiney and annoying I get, no matter how much money I unwisely spend or foolish items I bring into the house, no matter how ridiculous my tantrums, no matter how stupid the words that bumble from my lips, she loves me. It takes my breath away sometimes. She is everything, and I am constantly made better because she is in my life.

And so, for day 167, I present Roses:

And so today, suddenly we're no longer busy at work and I was bored, bored, bored. For the first time in a long time, so that could be good (but could also be bad, considering our current standings). But a lot of it was because my lead worker is back, so I haven't had to be her, too, the last two days. And I'm still a little under the weather, so boringness makes it easy for me to nod off over the keyboard.

Tonight there MUST be sleep. Srsly. Cats and dogs living together, indeed.
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