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I hear sirens in the distance

Actually not too distant, but I'm too lazy to get up and look outside and see if it's actually close. There was a bad accident on Osborn on Friday when I was coming home, but it wasn't bad enough to make the news or anything.

Am feeling much better but still very tired and fuzzy-headed. Have mostly finished cleaning off the DVR, whoo. Sitting here watching this Friday's episode of Craig Ferguson and trying not to fall asleep. Had leftovers for dinner (still have pulled pork, nom) and we did get over to See's -- gift certificates from the lovely queenofattolia will serve as our Valentine's chocolate. I made the makings for truffles, but haven't actually shaped or rolled them. I get up to do things and after about five minutes I'm worn out and I drop back to the sofa, exhausted.

I read everyone else's writing journals and feel like a TOTAL loser, since I really haven't written anything since November. Obviously, my aspirations mean nothing since I can't stir myself to do anything at all.

I forgot to mail the valentines I have to send to people so at least they'll go out with a February 14 postmark.

Slightly blurry, but rather impressive fangs -- they play with big rawhide chews, just like the ones we give Bo:

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