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Had some thoughts, but my brain stopped

I really did have something to post about, but nothing comes to mind. Have spent the day recovering, slept a good part of the day and then watched a lot of stuff on Tivo (a lot of Craig Ferguson backed up here).

The new Hard Rock Cafe on Las Vegas Boulevard-- they must have realized that they'd get more business if they were actually right ON the Strip:

Then we went out and did some shopping for Barb's mom, got some stuff for dinner at Costco (Teriyaki chicken). I made Prosseco and plum wine cocktails and everything came out good. The peanut butter is still separated, though, so I didn't finish the truffles, and Barb is sick so we didn't go over to See's.

Best job in Vegas, sit around all day and rub lion bellehs:

Since we're both sick, my hope for real rose bushes for Valentine's is shot, since neither of us feel like planting them. Phoo. My entire Valentine's has been derailed -- first our favorite Sushi place has closed, the one closest to us gets terrible reviews, the one that gets good reviews isn't open on Mondays, the one that is open on Monday is usually crowded and the reviewers tend to say their service isn't great. So... phoo. We'll probably go to close and cheap and just see for ourselves.
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