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Back to Work

So much for posting every day.

Yesterday was back to work and a cold. Dang it, I don't want a cold, so I'm fighting it by attempting to ignore it. But when I'm sick I just feel too tired and weak to work out, so there goes my last week at this gym.

Did I mention I got an email from my gym informing me that the Indian School branch (the one I go to) will be closing? Yes, indeed, and they're upgrading me to a premium membership, so I can work out in any of their locations. The closest ones are in Cave Creek (about an hour's drive) and Mesa (ditto, or longer, depending on traffic). Whee. Time to find a new gym, which will never be as cheap as this one was.

There's nothing better than seeing a kitten try to make a jump, scramble, and fall in the toilet bowl. *snicker* Well, sure, then you have to clean up little wet footprints as there is a mad dash for the door, but still.

In the lobby of the MGM Grand, Leo all dolled up for the celebration:

I just missed the big celebration and Dragon Dance they had here on Saturday; I could hear the drums and see the dragon going over people's heads, but didn't get into the lobby in time. They showed some of it later on the local news.


Feb. 11th, 2011 01:27 am (UTC)
I know. I'll probably have to go to LA Fitness, which is nicer, certainly, but I'm certain it's correspondingly more expensive. I've been at Bally for ten years.


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