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Yesterday I was driving home and punching buttons on the radio and looking for something musical and I paused for a brief time on the Oldies station, where I heard the DJ comment on it being the 27th anniversary of Elvis's death.

It was the first time in 27 years that I had forgotten the significance, at least to me, of August 16th. I certainly clearly remember what I was doing 27 years ago yesterday, and my poor, almost-13-year-old reaction. Hey, he was very close to my first major crush, and I've never stopped being a fan. He's still the King. I noticed last night that a number of his movies are FINALLY on DVD.

Anyway, otherwise a good day. It was my first time doing what used to be the stupidest and most wasteful job our unit does, but they've actually streamlined it to the point where it's quicker, easier, less wasteful, and somewhat intelligent. Whoa! No longer will I fear being assigned "Keep Original." I have tomorrow off, though, and I wonder if on Thursday I'll discover that someone filled in for me, or if all the requests will have piled up over Wednesday. Yikes.

Last night, we got rain. A LOT of rain. Two days in a row! This is an amazing thing. They're showing the damage and flooded streets around town, but pointing out that we're really lucky here when you consider the mudslides and floods and, of course, Hurricane Charley's aftermath. No kidding! My mom lives in Vero Beach (an hour or so south of Daytona), and fortunately all she got was a lot of rain -- but she has friends in Punta Gorda, and was telling me she'd just been there for a wedding. Anyway, the rain was sure welcome HERE, even if Sossaman Road is apparently under about four feet of water down at Warner.

There's something very disturbing about finishing a glass of soda and seeing a (dead) bug stuck to the bottom (outside) of the glass...

I need some more icon ideas. Hmmm.
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