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Thus begins the Spamming

I just noticed how VERY far behind I am on pictures. Fortunately, I took a LOT of them this weekend, so I'll have some to share.

So we'll start at the beginning of the voyage, which was Day 152 (and, incidentally, January 30, so yeah... I know).

The road from Phoenix to Vegas is a long, rather dull one, with a few really gorgeous vistas and a few little stops along the way. I found this when I stopped in the tiny roadside town of Wickiup:

And when I brought it to the counter, I made a comment about how I just couldn't resist this silly mug... and the lady told me they sold "so many of these things because of that late-night guy!" Hee hee hee.

And as a bonus, this is the view from that gas station/convenience store where I got it:

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