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Viva Las Vegas -- again

Am in Las Vegas.

MGM has free Interwebs now! YAYS. That is a huge improvement. Mom is *gasp* actually worn out from her long day, and plans to go to bed early (we shall see). We're taking a brief break before going to see Drew Carey's Improv Show here.

My truck made it over the mountains, although I noticed the odd hesitation on acceleration that I'll have to have looked at (knock wood, hail Ganesha the Remover of Obstacles), but overall, a pretty good trip. Going over the bridge? The much-hyped new bridge over the Hoover Dam?

When you're driving, YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING. It's smooth road and BOOM, suddenly you're in Nevada. There's not even a place to stop and look at it, you have to actually exit and go down to Hoover Dam to park and walk up to walk across it. Phoo. I'll have to stop on the drive home and take some pictures. I did take a few other pictures today, but forgot to bring the cable to upload them, so I'll have to catch up with photos when I get home. I forget which day I'm on, so it may be a few.

I did NOT have my camera with me when we stopped at the Lion Habitat here at MGM, and they had three mostly-grown cubs (almost full-sized, the boys didn't have manes yet, and all three still had spots on their legs and bellies), and they were playing and rolling around like kittens. It was ADORABLE. I curse not having carried my camera with me!

Update more later.
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