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Final Caturday in January

I didn't post anything yesterday, although I did think a lot about the Challenger. I remember the day with a strange perfection, that one often thinks all memories are saved in, but they're really not (I finally reconnected with one of my best friends from high school, and she made me a scrapbook with lots of pictures from high school -- and despite the fact that I had loved those times, and those friends, I remembered almost nothing I was seeing in those pictures). But I do remember that day, almost everything about it, with some surprisingly sharp mental pictures. I remember being at work (I worked at the 7-11 on Euclid), I remember hearing the announcement on the radio, I remember my boss joking with me and how I repeated what I'd just heard. The rest of the day at work was spent watching the small television the boss took out of the back office and assisting equally silent, shocked customers.

One of my classes that day was astronomy. Of course the Challenger, and the space program, dominated the discussion.

And oddly, I don't remember much of what happened that night.

And even more strangely, other traumatic events aren't stuck as firmly in my head. Gone like vapor, like the events those pictures were taken of, back in high school.

But today is Caturday.
This is your cat on LJ:

"I like doing dishes"

The other two don't care what the newbie is up to:

I tried to catch an adorable shot of Churro playing with Bo's tail, but alas, the camera was not cooperating with me and them pussy cats is quick.

I slept very oddly last night. I woke up at one point with what appeared to be ninety cats sleeping on my feet (it was in fact only Churro, but in sleep he apparently can gain five times his own weight and size). I finally got up to go potty and when I came back, I was AWAKE. And really hot. So I lay there for a while and rolled around a bit and petted a purring cat and got up again when Bo whimpered, but he didn't want to go out. I know I finally got a little sleep, because the clock chimed 3, and then a little later chimed 5. The final crux of the situation is that I've felt a little off all day and I'm not sure if it's because of the lack of sleep or because I'm catching something (which I cannot do -- there's been a real shortage of people at work AND I'm on vacation next weekend).

I felt like cooking today. I made my own English muffins, which came out a little flat but were fun and I'll try again; and then I made cookies, which I'm assured are "awesome."

Happy Sunday. Cookies for all!
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