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I Really Did Plan on Posting This Weekend

But I didn't.

I saw the meme about favorite children's books, but didn't do that.

I did finish my critiques for my writer's group, along with a hasty re-write of the first chapter of my Billy the Kid book; hopefully I'll get some good feedback on it.

My brain hasn't been working properly in months.

The Dishwasher is Fascinating:

Now what's in here?:

The Wrigley Mansion, another "Wow, Phoenix DOES have architectural landmarks!":

The shot was taken from the Esplanade, over the Biltmore (both the shopping center and the neighborhood), and it's that big white building in the foothills there. I have to take it with my big camera sometime, which will get some better detail. (And yes, it IS--or was, anyway--those Wrigleys. As in gum. Now it's a fancy upscale restaurant and a lot of convention/meeting space for rent for parties, weddings and the like.)

I love these condos:

It's really a much prettier building from the front, but hard to get to a place to take a shot of it (have to make a special stop and take some pictures along 24th Street) -- these are the condos where John McCain has one of his many residences. Very nifty-looking, with those cheese-slice balconies sticking out without any apparent support!

Sunday we saw The King's Speech, which was pretty damned awesome. And while I agree that Colin Firth warmly deserves all the accolades that he's been getting, so, too, was Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter is breathtaking, remarkable, astounding -- I SO believed she was the woman who would someday become the lovable "Queen Mum"! I've always liked her, but in this--? Loved her. But everything about it was good.

Now we have to see True Grit, and I shall try to NOT compare every frame to the first movie. (I'm trying not to call it a "remake," because I know it's not, but I do hope I don't have a problem, since I do love the first version so much.
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