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Fairness and all that stuff

Some folks may remember I mentioned some while ago that, in the course of my job, I saw personal information on a celebrity who was in a car accident with one of our insureds. Today I saw the releases said celebrity signed, indicated her claim has been settled.

For a whole LOT of money. Life just isn't freakin' fair. (Okay, sure, it was our insured's fault and all, but seriously, from what I'd seen it didn't seem like her injuries were all THAT severe -- the settlement for the child was significantly less -- I mean, it didn't even make the news or anything.)

Ah, well.

I'm going to count the last post's pictures as days 136 - 139, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So now I need days 140 and 141, Wednesday and Thursday.

More Chihuly in the Desert:

This cat of Barb's is being adorable on purpose, so one is blinded to his PURE EVIL.

I read an article which claims that Michelle Obama's "Get Moving!" campaign against childhood obesity is to blame for the rise in pedestrian deaths. No, seriously. WTF?

Been watching a lot of Futurama since Comedy Central picked it up and there are new episodes, and after also watching the Larry King interview on Ferguson, I've come to the conclusion that when Billy West created the voice of Dr. Zoidberg, he was thinking about Larry King...

I was a good doobie today at work and volunteered to take the later shift if needed (we're suddenly drastically down on people who work the 9-5 shift; I'm on the 7-3:15). I HATE working that late, but really, there's no need for me to get off so early, and since Barb works the later shift, there's no reason; and since I was a very GOOD doobie, I was told it might only be temporary if it happens. It's good to be a volunteer.
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