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And then we have a point

But it seems SyFy's Being Human really doesn't. Have a point, that is. I mean, it's not horrible, but compared to the original, it's just sort of... there. The acting is competent, the story is the same, so what's the point? The main thing I'm taking away from this is that they really, really, REALLY thought that Mitchell/Aidan should be David Boreanaz but he's too expensive and too old now so they cast this guy who sort of looks like him only with darker hair. Should have stuck with the much more original look Mitchell has in the British show--Mitchell, like all great television vampires, doesn't resemble any previous vampire. (Strange they named him Aidan, considering Aidan Turner played him in the British series; of course, none of these fellow are quite as awesome as Guy Flanagan, from the first unaired pilot, who was my favorite.)

Annie/Sally is pretty good, but not as immediately adorable as Lenora Crichlow's take on the character, and while Josh/George is likewise nice, he has NONE of Russell Tovey's goofy charm (but then, he was Jimmy Olsen... not to mention Luke on Veronica Mars. Still, not as charming as Tovey).

Vaguely amusing that Bishop/Herrick is being played by the guy who was Jacob on LOST...

On the whole, it's really NOT horrible. The thing is, if you've seen the original at all, this one is a pale, wavery reflection on a plate-glass window. It's not even sharp enough to call it "new" -- it's a retelling of a great story done in a lackluster way for a new audience. It's just not as good as the original, and I think I'd rather just re-watch the British series than watch the rest of this one. (Although goodness knows I've been known to watch worse. At least it really doesn't suck. Of course, Toby Whithouse is involved with it.)

In whole, though? Meh.

And now for something completely different...

Here's the new arrival:

And here he is playing with the mouse cursor:

And resting thereafter:

And then. There should be bed, but instead I'm watching Futurama.
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