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Everything Tastes Better With Bacon

It was indeed a good weekend. I don't know if it was by itself so nice, or just the fact that I had money again, the first I've had in a while. With cash (or at least, debit card) in hand, I bought some nifty material at the fabric place in the hopes my lovely wife will turn it into some cute tops, and yarn at Michael's (along with some new double-tipped needles for knitting circles), then a lot of stuff at Costco (including my favorite wine, Rosa Regale, which suddenly reappeared in Costco's cases -- it was the first place I got it, and fell in love with it, but it usually runs around $26 a bottle {or as little as $18.99 at World Market, on sale}, while Costco charges $15.99. Yay). Also got some stuff at Petsmart, where we were extremely tempted by the sweet-tempered blue-eyed flame-point Siamese there at their adoption center, although we felt we MIGHT be very bad to adopt him when we turned down the needy stray sillymagpie was trying to find a home for... But Siamese! Blue eyes! Sweet! (And according to his papers, has lived with, and gets along with, dogs and other cats!)

We do want to get another cat here some time, because we KNOW Silly isn't going to last forever (although he gives every indication that he's going to do just that), and we want to have a friend for Cairo in here and well-established before Silly passes away, because Cairo is extremely sensitive about new arrives, but he needs a companion (and while he gets on with Bo, it's a whole dog-and-cat situation).

I'm sincerely hoping that, at this point, Silly just quietly succumbs to old age and passes peacefully -- I don't want to have him get sick or anything and have to have him put down; he deserves to just one night take the long nap and be buried in the yard next to his old buddy Kojiki.

Speaking of pets, we've also discussed another dog to keep Bo company, since two old women are not active enough for super-hyper Bo.

We also dared to go into Last Chance, where I didn't find a lot of things I wanted desperately (none of the cool boots FIT), but did buy a cute hat and some earrings, while Barb found several really cool pairs of boots that fit HER, and some nice work shoes, only to discover they've put in a new rule restricting a buyer to only three of the same items per day. (!!!) I know they've always restricted purse buying to three per day, but EVERYTHING? I often buy more than one shirt at a time, f'example. (I know it's to prevent unscrupulous re-salers, but STILL... Silly rules are silly.) But it prevented her from spending too much on a cute pair of Ugg boots, which I told her was the universe telling her to adopt a cat, but she wasn't buying that one.

I haven't been taking any pictures. But here's one for Friday, Day 135:

Of course, more cats:

The harsh light of the flash shows up how thin Silly's fur is getting. He feels like skin and bones, but he still has an appetite, he still has a loud voice, still likes to escape into the yard and run around, still tries to jump on things; he's one of those old folks whose strong mind is in a body that's simply falling victim to time! I call him the Once and Future Cat.

I am not watching the Golden Globes because I'm trying to once again clear out the Tivo -- down to Craig Ferguson eps, good for me, but I have it set up to record all of the Tudors marathon overnight. If I don't care for it, I can just delete them, I suspect, but I'd like to see it.

I was given the book "Everything Tastes Better With Bacon," and I finally took the time to read through some of it today. I want to make very recipe in this book. Just sayin'. Best gift ever (in general, this was the best Christmas ever when it comes to my unscrupulous, avaricious self receiving AWESOME gifts from everyone--and that's not saying I've ever gotten anything bad, it's just that this year was particularly AWESOME).

Big Bang Theory fans, enjoy this video (until CBS takes it away):

Have a good Sunday evening, all!
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