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I'm Still A Leo

I'm still a Leo. Yay.

I assume there's a grandfather clause, or something.

Also, this? Phoo. I am sorry, for I do love their sandwiches, but to be honest, I haven't eaten in one for some years because there isn't one nearby.

In the realm of posting links, Nick Kristof's article on the shootings in Tucson is excellent; and he asks a question which I believe can be answered in one sentence: This country is not run by a democratically elected president and congress, but by the Gun Lobby and the NRA. When they say "jump," the congress asks "How high?" Even big money corporations dance to the NRA's tune -- just have one Corporate CEO say "Gun Control" and see how far HE gets in politics! It's almost painful watching BBC World News and watching them wonder how such things can happen, so often, in America, where we raise Cain when a toy MIGHT be toxic, but kids can play with guns all they want and the mentally deranged can buy a gun as easily as a pack of GUM, and I wonder about us, too.

I'm with the panel on this week's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, who were chuckling about the Bill of Rights and wondering why the 3rd Amendment is so sadly overlooked... (but then, no one really has much trouble with soldiers being quartered in their homes; still, it wasn't exactly big in anyone's minds during the Civil War).

But on a more cheerful note:

And Wednesday was 133, but I'm out of new pictures. So old ones will have to do.

Watusi cattle:

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille:

I made a lime chicken dish from my Mediterranean cuisine cookbook this evening, and we had it with fresh veggies from the farmer's market, fresh goat feta & labneh, and hummus. It was good. (The recipe was a lemon chicken, but we had limes, so I used them.)
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