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Save me, save me

Before I eat more cookies!

Some wonderful soul out there (forgive us, for we apparently don't recognize your real name! Mea culpa!) sent us a big box of absolutely delicious New Year's cookies and because I am incapable of stopping when presented with this sort of cookie (snowball, Mexican wedding, whatever you want to call them), I have devoured FAR more than I should have! They are DELICIOUS! I'm supposed to be on cornerofmadness's "weight watch" list, and I forgot to weigh in this morning in the FIRST place, and in the second place... COOKIES!

I never did get that picture posted the other day. So...

Day 127 was Thursday:

I want to go here.

So how did it get to be Monday already?

Working on my knitting, not my writing. Better get my butt in gear.
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