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Let's Go Stand on John McCain's Lawn!

Jon Stewart rocks. Just sayin'.

I've gone and subscribed to the Nerdist's podcasts. Spent the last few days listening to old ones, including the one with Matt Smith (yay!) and now Billy West, who is much older than I thought and did (does) far more voices on Futurama than I thought he did. It makes the commute fly by. I can't believe tomorrow's Friday already.

Sometimes I forget how much I love Futurama...

I have many knitting stitches to learn. I've taught myself a number of the more complex things (like cables), but a friend at work was showing me her new pattern, and there were several stitches I had no clue what to do with. Fortunately there are a lot of online tutorials with videos. I went ahead and ordered some new patterns I'm looking forward to playing with. Hopefully for ONCE I can make an article of clothing that fits without just being a hat or a scarf.

I AM working out, but it'll be a while before I get myself back in shape. But I still want to make this. Not to mention other recipes I didn't get a chance to make over the holiday season.

Let's see, a photo for today, day 127...

Except uploading photos is apparently not working, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.
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