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Happy Twelfth Night

Today is the 12th Day of Christmas, tomorrow Epiphany. I wonder how it was our celebrations of Christmas changed so much that Christmas Day is pretty much the end of the season, instead of tomorrow. (Of course, starting it in September pretty well kills it for everyone by the time it finally rolls around, and everyone can't wait to get things taken down and put away.) Anyway, in keeping with 12th Night, I cracked open my new bottle of Italian Sparkling Asti (Casa Sant'Orsola, just as good as my old favorite Mondoro, which I can't find in stores anymore), and found these lovely cocoa-roasted almonds at Sprouts. Nom.

Day 126, moar kittehs in boxes. Kitteh joy!
Set laser eyes for stun:

Stupid Kindle commercials. I wants. I wants bad.

Or even something like it (iPad?)... so I can read Web Comics somewhere where there is not my computer.

Bad night's sleep. My poor wife was very sick, although we know not why. I ate all the same things she did. It's better today, but she won't eat any more of the chicken curry I made last night (which I had for dinner tonight, as well).

ANYWAY. Brain is too tired to continue work on revised Chapter One. So I'm re-reading Gunnerkrigg Court chapters, just to watch the drawing style change over time.

And then there will be sleep. Oh, yes.
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