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Rain, rain

Come today! Apparently, the north part of the Valley has gotten a real monsoon storm, but once again it looks like the central part of the Valley is going to go high and dry. {sigh} What I wouldn't give for more than one rain storm during a monsoon -- when I was a kid, it would rain nearly EVERY DAY through most of July and August. Admittedly, this was in Tucson, which is higher of elevation... and most of these storms generally consisted of about fifteen minutes of hard rain... but STILL.

I can't find the pictures of Lake Mead I took back in the late 80's. I want to compare the water level to the pictures we took on the way to Writercon. One of the women at work was telling me that "the water didn't look that low" to her. I need to show a compare/contrast.

It's really not looking like we're gonna get that rain down here. Rats.

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