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So much so I just can't believe it

With the dark of the year passing and the holidays over, I stepped on the scale for the first time since October; I have, as I expected, gained back a few pounds (more than a few, alas). I haven’t been paying any attention to what I’ve been eating, and I haven’t been able to get to the gym at all – and in keeping with that, my laziness kicked into high gear and I haven't even so much as been doing a few calisthenics or any yoga at home, either.

Not sure if that makes me “bad” or just relaxed. I think I’d gotten so stressed over “I must lose that last bit of weight” that it was really overwhelming me. Now if I lose some weight and get back on a nice exercise regime, that will be nice. Yeah, nice.

Work isn’t exactly stressful, but it’s not been what I used to enjoy about it.

I am dickering with getting rid of cable for Direct TV after all – it would mean a change in email address but GOD, our cable/internet package has gotten expensive, and at least for the first year the Qwest/Direct TV package deal would save me over $100 a month. I’m just not sure about the whole satellite thing, and =changing our email address=. Such a royal pain. I’d have to remember all of who has it (but then, reduction in spam, at least for a while…) and who NEEDS it…

I can’t STAND it when soundtrack recordings of musical movies don’t put the songs in the same order as they were in the movie! The songs tell the story, for the love of mud! I had to reorganize “Oliver!” in iTunes, and “Victor/Victoria,” and it looks like I have to do the same with “Paint Your Wagon.” Elizabeth does NOT sing about her cabin BEFORE she and Ben are married, and the Coach does not come in before both of those. Dang it.

Geekery. 100 Greatest Moments in Time Travel. Not sure if I agree with all of it -- after all, nearly every single instance of Star Trek time travel is listed (except one of the best DS9 epis, and I'm not talking about Tribbleations), but only TWO Doctor Who, and BOTH were Doctor Ten. Excuse me? The Time Lord, in all his incarnations, only manages TWO mentions? Feh.

Sunday was Day 123, so let's see what photos I have...

Barb's collection:

Which made Monday Day 124.

They're not allowed outside, but occasionally they GET outside...

And today would be Day 125.

Or waiting for Barb, his favorite person. Bo jumps on the sofa and looks out the window whenever Barb goes outside, so he can watch for her return... (Silhouette doesn't really care.)

I have actually done a little tiny bit of writing, the first since I simply STOPPED the Nano. Man, this has been a disturbingly unproductive holiday season...
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