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Merry New Year!

That reminds me, I have to see my favorite New Year movie sometime this weekend (Trading Places).

So... Merry New Year to all! We had a lovely party last night, with the whole gang over and the dearly missed framefolly coming in on Skype, so we could all open our presents together! It was much fun, and I made out like a bandit, with a brand-new carryall yarn bag for my knitting/crocheting, and the beautiful Red Willow vase I'd coveted at the antique market from my wonderful wife!

Also the usual toys and candy and just fun, and of course edgedancer brought fireworks, which are now legal in Arizona, so the entire neighborhood was setting them off willy-nilly (although TECHNICALLY, although they were declared legal in the STATE, most of the cities have civic ordinances against them, so it's still not really legal to set them off within city limits, but everyone's doing it anyway). It's a good thing it's been so wet around here lately, 'sall I'm sayin'! Then we feasted and feasted and drank the fruit of the vine (I mixed up some sangria with a mixture of Cabernet & Merlot, both from the Barefoot label), and shared Maggie's gift, which was a bottle of 12-year-old Glenlevit. Oh, yes.

Have spent the day cleaning (we took down a surprisingly dry tree), packing away Christmas things, and watching Twilight Zone. Many commercials for the upcoming American remake of Being Human, which I view with a jaundiced eye, but I AM willing to see if it doesn't totally suck (their George looks okay, but their Mitchell leaves a LOT to be desired). Also commercials from the next made-for-Syfy extravaganza, Behemoth. I'll have to make sure to watch this one, since I missed out on Mammoth.

At times they appear to almost be buddies:

Of course, whenever Cairo gets out he always acts like Bo is some horrible monster when he wants to come back in, and I have to make sure Bo's not at the door so he'll come back IN...

I really have to get a new card for my big camera, since it takes MUCH better pictures than this little one does.

I have made no real resolutions; there are some things I'd LIKE to make sure to do -- get back to the gym and a regular workout, eat better (yeah, I know), maybe read more; hopefully whip something back into publishable shape and maybe even submit some query letters to some people. I think my main goal of this year is to actually save a little money, which is going to be difficult but I am hopeful (knock wood).
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