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When the brain works

'Tis a good thing. Today I was doing something inconsequential at work and suddenly the comments I've gotten and the scenes I've been pondering in my Billy the Kid story A Long Way Home clicked, and while I have yet to open my word processor this evening, I now know what I'm going to do to fix the opening chapters! Woot!

I like my new yarn. I have to find a better yarn place here (Joann's is nice, but the selection usually consists of Red Heart and Caron--good, but not great); there's a wonderful place in Scottsdale, but alas, it has Scottsdale prices. I was poking around on the web and found some beautiful wool and silk blends, but some ran as much as $15 a skein. I have to have a project in mind before I put down that kind of money (not that I have any money right now; not until Friday, and most of that is already earmarked).

When we were at Epcot, I saw this wine in "Germany":

I can't recall exactly, but I believe it was somewhere on the order of $25+ per bottle (I'm thinking it was just this side of affordable, and I decided against getting any). I found it at Total Wine for $13.99. It's a German Riesling. They also have a Pinot Noir (I think; something red, anyway).

I'm getting acid reflux again. I really need to get to working out again; it never bothered me when I was more active, but between being sick, overtime, vacation, and holidays, the workout time is what has been sacrificed.

Timely geek humor. Read the "next" strip, too.

I'm actually corresponding with a real author. Carole Nelson Douglas wrote me a quick note when I "fanned" her on Good Reads, and we've been exchanging notes. She offers encouragement on writing, and I updated her on some Vegas attractions. It's neat.

I don't have anything new, alas, so we'll go back to Castaway Cay for a moment...

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