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Boxing Day Shopping

Somehow spent the day almost entirely shopping, and didn't really buy much of anything (a lot of half-price Christmas yarn at Joann's), but had a good time anyway.

Have a new favorite liquor, an Italian delight called Tuaca -- light, smooth, a little spicy-sweet, very tasty. Delicious just poured cold over ice (although the little booklet that came with it says it mixes well with pineapple juice and some other stuff; I'll have to look up some mixer recipes).

Alas, not cunning enough; I have to make another try. But this is my first attempt (I know some of you will recognize this):

It is, in fact, why I went looking for yarn, but couldn't find the right colors. Will check again in a few weeks.

Since we always celebrate the holidays with friends at New Year's, this place is still filled with wrapped presents and stockings stuffed. Another week, woot! Of course, the way it is ALSO filled with cookies and candies and pie, I may be visible from space by the time it's over... (my goodness, my pecan pie is good!) If only I had the willpower (and "meh" attitude towards sweets) of my wife!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend (or whatever holiday you celebrate!).

*sending warm thoughts*
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