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Well, La Nina Got Here, Anyway

However, here it's in the form of rain, the same rain that was washing out California is now over the Sierra Nevadas and washing away a goodly part of Arizona/Mojave County (en route to Vegas). Vegas, I understand, is likewise having gullywashers. It is raining here in Phoenix right now, and threatens to rain all day tomorrow, but then be clear for Christmas.

We have two people scheduled out on vacation, one person out on extended medical leave, two people called in sick, and two had inner-office interviews/job sharing today. As such, despite a low mail day, we were busy as heck.

Artsy silhouette of, um, Silhouette (and Cairo):

And with the flash on:

I won first place in the Parade of Cubicles:

The ever-so-Christian Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix has, indeed, stripped the Catholic standing from St. Joseph's Hospital for saving a woman's life by terminating her pregnancy. Mmm. Let's see -- understanding, compassion, forgiveness, throwing aside Church rules when someone is in need. Nah, we don't want to emulate some hippie. Like Jesus.

And thanks to ljs for Cookies of Teh Awesome and to fenchurche and rackham for the tin o'treats! YUM! We ourselves are terribly behind despite best intentions and as rahirah posted, ours will end up being New Year's cookies this time around!

My wife was very good to me and made me steak for dinner. I am content (even though still feeling a little tummy-ache that started sometime in the night last night).
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