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Have yourselves a Merry Little Doctory Christmas:

An "action shot" I'll probably send ThinkGeek:

Headless cat:

Another shot of the Tovrea Castle:

I chose this one because I had forgotten to mention that dome on the top, which currently appears to be striped in black-and-white like a circus tent. Over the years, it's been several different colors; originally (more or less), it was a beautiful copper dome, in keeping with being a Point of Pride for the Copper State -- however, it got a nasty green patina after a long while of exposure to the elements, and those who restore/maintain the castle started doing things to it. One Christmas it was even striped red and green. (I haven't been by there at night during the holidays in a long time, but they used to string Christmas lights on each of the tiers.)

Another morning of Silhouette not eating and barfing everywhere. If he were more obviously sick I'd be more willing to say he'd reached the end of his very long life, but he's still very active and bright-eyed. He just is a wisp. Of course, at the moment he wasn't interested in eating his OWN food, but he was fine with stealing Cairo's (the same cat food), so that's okay.

Yesterday framefolly called! YAY! We're going to Skype her in for our New Year's party. Squeee!

Flipping channels on a Sunday morning... do people really sit around and WATCH these half-hour infomercials??? Check the Tivo lineup, instead. Watched about seven episodes of Craig Ferguson yesterday. I love watching him with Russell Brand. It's a laugh riot. Also loved the La Nina joke, how the entire country is under the grip of ice and snow, except Arizona... apparently, La Nina doesn't have her papers (it was 75 yesterday and absolutely gorgeous; the best time of year to be in Arizona).

I once again ask, and I wish I could ask the judges who ruled it so, how it can be "unconstitutional" to require health insurance when it's perfectly all right to require homeowners and auto insurance. Certainly you can opt out of either if you don't drive or own a home, but it's really hard to claim you will NEVER be sick...

My keyboard was a little dirty. I have now learned you can't really pop the keys off of an HP Pavilion dv4. Oh, sure, they can be popped back on, but they don't really... (my "j" key now flips around when I type at full speed). Oops. (And for some reason, perhaps because it's a little dirty, the "p" is sticky. I need to pick up a can of air, I suppose.)
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