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Happy Payday

Bills paid, large amount of money dropped, all gifts pretty well done. Am now just browsing eBay and wondering if I should get another Painted Pony for my wife...

Do I burn with jealousy? Oh, yes. A guy at work, whom I have NEVER seen so much as crack a book (he sits at lunch and stares at the walls) brought in his brand-new Kindle and was bragging about it and how awesome it is...


The Tree:

You might notice the bottom branches seem a little bare. This is due to the Whappy Tail of Doom (phrase (c)mustangsally), which can fling ornaments and tinsel for miles all around. Dog MUCH more dangerous to tree than cats, who basically ignore it.

Because all Cairo does is hide behind it, and entice the owner of the Whappy Tail of Doom to dance around the tree trying to catch him...

And now to bed, and hopefully a reasonably productive weekend... (ho ho ho).

I need to get a mailing box that's a little bigger than <lj
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