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You'd Think I'd Learn

I know better than to try and breathe while eating Triscuits. It happens to me all the time! *cough, hack, wheeze* The worst part is while you're gasping for air and coughing and eyes are watering, you're at the same time unable to tell the worried people around you that you are, indeed, fine; just suffering another incapacitating Triscuit-related injury.

Squee (with thanks to lyndalynn):

Offering invaluable assistance in making the Wedding scrapbook:

Meowy Christmas:

I need to figure out the flash/light settings on my little camera; some of the inside flash pictures are washed out, you can't even see the lights on the tree in the pictures I took (and I need to get a new card for the big camera).

I have been very lucky this year -- everything I've ordered for presents has ARRIVED. Now I just need to get over to See's and pick up some candies for my Mom-in-Law and mom's friend Bunnie; then, I THINK, I'm done except for baking for our care packages. (Which, despite our best hopes, may NOT get in the mail before Christmas...)

Many years ago, I bought a little set of the red statuettes they sell in Asian gift shops which claimed to be the Buddhas. One was Kuan Yin, of course the laughing Buddha (Budai/Hotei), and I'm not sure how many others I've misplaced over the years; and the fellow who has been standing on my dashboard guiding me for nearly the entire time I've owned it. I gave framefolly a ride last year and she looked at the little statue and said, "Is that Confucius?" I really wasn't sure (of course SHE knew!). So I was poking around this evening and it looks like, yes, it IS indeed Confucius, and not "one of the buddhas," as I had thought. Occasionally I need to study deeper when I get interested in things and not just take things at face value. I know better than that!

I cannot figure out how to turn off the flash on this camera. I have to find the instructions...

It rained in Phoenix today. Woot!
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