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And Hump Day Passes Gracefully

My mechanic came through. The truck is running, it was less than I was fearing, he replaced another part which needed it basically labor-for-free, and, with Ganesha's great blessing, I won't take her back to Stanley's for a long while.

I could use a new oven mitt.

Eventually I'll catch up with my pictures.

This is how an automatic dishwasher works:

Steve Martin is still a funny guy.

I have gifts mostly wrapped now, a couple that need to be packed up and mailed, and we haven't done our major baking yet, although I whipped out a quick batch of fudge which the folks at work say is pretty awesome.

I somehow thought my car insurance was due at the end of December, not November. Oops. Fortunately, I have a grace period and I'll pay on Friday when the paycheck arrives. And speaking of insurance, since we reached the end of Barb's AAA "free" tows, I have to try and get a receipt for the $50 charge so I can submit it under my own Emergency Road Service. That's what the coverage is for, after all.

One of the girls at work is Eastern Orthodox, and one of their Christmas fast periods begins today, which means she won't be able to eat meat until, I THINK, the end of their Lent (I have to look this up so I know when her fast periods are -- they're lengthy and startlingly restrictive). I made the mistake of simply calling her "Catholic" in front of a western (Hispanic) Catholic woman, who snapped, "She's not Catholic!" Um... Well, yes, she is. Just more so. But I was smart enough not to argue the point.

And speaking of Catholic, the uptight idiot (he replaced the heartless jerk who used to be Bishop here) who heads the Phoenix Dioceses is threatening to take away the "Catholic" status from St. Joseph's Hospital because a woman received an abortion to SAVE HER LIFE, as the pregnancy would have killed her if she'd remained so. It's so nice when Christians remember to be Christian. Feh.

I naturally had more impressive thoughts but I can't remember any of them.

I desperately want to see The King's Speech. I like it when an obvious Oscar contender actually looks GOOD, not just carefully crafted to win Oscars (The Tree of Life).
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