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Crap Part Deux

Am filled with ennui.

Vast ennui. Truck still not running. AAA is going to charge for the next tow; we called this afternoon but couldn't get them out here quickly enough to get to the service station before it closed, so we'll try again tomorrow. Still no clue how much it's going to cost, and it looks like AAA already ran the tow charge (which I'll refute if they process it through).

Am grumpy, tired, and cranky. My cat is in another "won't eat anything" phase and all he does is sit there and wail at me because I'm not giving him whatever the hell it is he WILL eat. After three cans opened in just the last three hours, I'm done.

December in Arizona means the leaves turn:

Everywhere the colors are coming out, all gold and red...

(Bonus shot)

On the good side, Christmas cards are done as ones arrive here, and I squealed with glee for nutmeg3's lovely gift (yay, pretty piccies!) and the card from typographer and miertam, wondering where the heck they found Edward Gorey cards!!! (Coolest Christmas card EVER.) At least two people on our list selected cards we looked at, too. We all have the same tastes, apparently.

I have some things I need to mail, but first I have to get over to See's to get some candy for Mom's buddy (who's a very nice and generous lady!), mail her box, and then start seriously thinking about baking. With any luck there won't be any more car problems once this one (knock wood) is taken care of. Please, please, all the gods, PLEASE.

That's all I ask. Fixed enough to get me through 2012.

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