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I really don't know how it got to be Sunday night

Okay, seriously. I have NO idea where this week went to. I had plans. I had ideas for what I was going to accomplish because we were finished with overtime. I wanted to finish up my writing critiques, get all the presents wrapped, get the tree decorated, do some of the baking... But somehow the days shot past and suddenly it was Friday. Yay. I was going to get home and get stuff done. Really, this time for sure.

About a half mile from home, the truck stopped. Simply stopped. I got it off the street and parked more or less at the curb and walked home to wait for SOMEONE to come help me. I begged assistance from the neighbor who said it wasn't the brand-new fuel pump, but instead it appears to this time be the ignition coil.


This time, though, I'm completely out of money. Completely. I have no idea what to do about this. So I'll call my mechanic and see how much this one will come to and if it's too much... I don't know. I guess just beg for rides from my long-suffering wife until the end of the month when I get the elusive Third Paycheck and maybe it'll be enough to pay for repairs enough to get it fixed so it will run for two years. Two more years. That's all I ask.

So I BARELY finished my writing critiques tonight (Sunday), I got some of the presents wrapped (although not the ones for Barb, and that's going to be tough now we'll be coming and going at the same time), we kinda got some decorations on the tree, and I baked cookies but they were for us. So there.

Arizona Diamondback:

Sonoran Desert Toad:

Burrowing Owl:

Governor Hunt's Tomb:

George Hunt was the first governor of Arizona. He's buried here, near the Phoenix Zoo grounds.

An all Arizona edition.

My wrist really freaking HURTS. We were doing some yard work this afternoon and something went "spung" in it while I was chopping cactus, and now it really hurts to type. So I'll stop. I finished my writing critiques, go me. I'll post Day 101 and 102 later.

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