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And now it's Thursday? How did that happen?

I haven't gotten ANYTHING done this week (including posting photos). So this is Monday's post, and I may not have time for much else, because I STILL haven't finished my commentary for my writer's group (ARGH).

So. Monday.

This is the Tovrea Castle:

All visitors and newcomers to Phoenix are fascinated by this building. As was I. But since I am a monster for KNOWING THINGS, I spent a few weeks at the library (before the Interwebs) finding out everything I could about this place. It was built from 1928 to 1930 by Alessio Carraro, an Italian immigrant who came to the Phoenix valley to build his dreams. Unfortunately, the Tovrea family owned the property nearby and they made it into cattle yards. He sold them the castle in 1931. (For locals, this explains why the landmark "Stockyards" restaurant is right across the street.)

There's more history here.

And here's a shot of the gates:

Despite what it says, as far as I know, it's STILL not open for tours. I've wanted to see the inside for more than twenty years.

Big Bang D&D Alignments. Fairly accurate, I think.
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