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Wait a Minute... it's SUNDAY?!?!

Rats. That's what working Saturday will do for you.

We did some shopping yesterday and today; unfortunately, I really can't settle and see what I have and what I don't until after tomorrow's termite treatment -- damned bugs. I know they're creating havoc in my ceiling and I can't do anything about it like you can with ants or something. No, this requires the very expensive attention of an exterminator, and then we really will need to find out how much actual damage there is (and no, insurance does NOT cover termite damage).

I hates them. Once this is done, and hopefully for good this time, I want to be sure to Spackle and re-paint the ceiling here:

I now wish I had actually ever seen any Twin Peaks, because then this week's Psych wouldn't be so damned confusing. I mean, I know enough about it to know it's a pretty damned good parody (not to mention about half the original cast), but I'm not getting all the jokes.

It does have my current favorite exchange:

"We're not here to judge you. We came to investigate, catch bad guys, and eat pie."
"Not necessarily in that order."
"And it hasn't been."
"We started with the pie."

Some amusing links:

The Half=Blood Prince of Bel Air

Conan the Funny Barbarian

Dr. Seuss does Star Wars

Spend every night with the Doctor

Some years ago Costco carried King Leo Peppermint Crunchy Patties. I tried them and found they were the absolute best peppermint patties I'd ever tasted. Then I found smaller, more manageable boxes at Walgreen's. Joy. So, since these are seasonal items, I waited all year for them to show up again. And I have found... they aren't being sold ANYWHERE. Costco has the peppermint soft puffs, but that's not what I want. Those peppermint patties were to die for, really; and while the web site does do direct sales, the minimum order is $25. Not sure I want to spend that much money, especially since I spent quite a bit more than I should have this weekend already.
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