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I forgot to put a title on this

Wow, what happened to this week? I have been working from 6:00 - 4:15 every day since Tuesday (7:00 - 5:15 on Monday), and I worked this morning. We caught up today. Woot. Starting Monday, back to our regular schedule. Of course, that's why I've been so scattered (and tired).

Snoopy at the Kennedy Space Center:

Dennis Miller (whom I saw on Craig Ferguson and my head almost exploded with how Craig was able to sit there and graciously listen without bashing the guy through a wall), and every other deliberately blind (or willfully ignorant) climate change denier needs to watch (and really comprehend) this video:

Harry Potter stars then and now. Neville gets my vote for "Most Improved."

Idiocy on a grand scale

Pod of Hippos:

Three ships: From left to right: the Carnival Sensation, the Disney Wonder, and I don't remember the name of the Celebrity ship...

There's something wrong with the name of this candy: "Soft Peanut Brittle." (It's quite tasty, but...)

World Market has a beautiful looking "blood orange cinnamon" tea in for the holidays from Republic of Tea. I want to try it desperately, but Republic of Tea is SO expensive, and I don't know if I can justify getting it for myself when there's other things needed. Between car repairs and the return of termites, not to mention Christmas... (of course, I'm doing all right on Christmas presents; I have to wrap some stuff up and see what I have and what I still need).

A little yellow bird:

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