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I'm not writing

I finally decided to up and pay for this little thing, mostly to upload many icons. :) I haven't figured out how to customize it completely, but I'll get there eventually. So naturally I'm goofing off, but at least I did a LITTLE writing this morning. I still need to whip out an article and update a couple of reviews, but I'll get there, too.

I'm making yoghurt cheese, which looks better than it sounds. Gakked from Alton Brown, and I have yet to dislike anything I've seen him do (for those who don't obsessively watch the Food Network, he's the host of "Good Eats" and a rousingly funny fellow).

I'm also watching "Army of Darkness," which I do need on DVD (all three of 'em, actually). It sent me off for another icon (pictured).

Here's a recent shot of me with my current idol -- the fellow who somehow manages to reduce me to obsessed, drooling fangirl... and he even still answers personal email.

I have to remember not to use the greater-than/lesser-than symbols as brackets when I'm writing in my LJ, since it thinks they're HTML. I was posting in the _country_lyrics community and lost a line or two doing that.
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