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Monday, Monday

One thing about a busy Monday, it sure does go by fast! I felt like I barely got there and suddenly it wasn't just time to go home, it was two hours later. I still have a ton of stuff to get caught up on, and while things are indeed behind, it's not too bad. But it means more overtime, woot, so I do it. Not a lot changed while I was gone. Was there five minutes and already better at it than everyone who's been there (working overtime) in the eight days since I was gone. Woot, again.

I couldn't find the exact wine I was looking for (an Argentina white wine I sampled at Epcot), but the wine guy at World Market recommended one he said was probably similar, and it's good! I'm very pleased (the label is New Age, it's just labeled "white wine," no specific grape, and it's got a great, sweet taste, not as heavy as a moscato but not as dry as a Cabernet. I like it.

I have been dry-congested all day long and neglected to bring any decongestant; I got home and tried again with the Nasonex, which did diddly squat. Finally gave in to OTC Afrin and FINALLY I can breathe again. I think it's the weather, and scoff all you want, it's gonna be 35 F in Phoenix overnight tonight, and that's a freakin' BIG DEAL for us in Phoenix (it's 6 degrees tonight in Flagstaff, and 0 up at the Grand Canyon). I hope it lasts a while; there's currently a lot of snow up in the high country, which is always good news.

The Event is neither as well-written nor as well-acted as FlashForward was, so I don't know why some fans are glomming onto it like it's an adequate replacement. It's not nearly as compelling, nor as gripping, and some of the characters are starting to ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF ME.

And now for Day 89.

An okapi:

And a lesson about okapi:

I spent so much money the week prior I didn't have any left for Cyber Monday. Ah, well. I've done my duty to stimulate the economy. (And if I DO have enough money post-overtime, and can afford it, I might do a little shopping at Williams-Sonoma, where there are some useless kitchen geegaws I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT. Srsly. :-D
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