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Late Saturday, Early Sunday

It is actually around 9:00 Sunday morning, but I missed yesterday completely.

It's come to the front of my mind exactly how I left work on Friday the 12th, and I'm back to feeling crappy about work and myself. I left with the worst Performance Review I've EVER received hanging over my head and an "opportunity" to step BACK and work in Word Processing again which I don't want to do but accepted anyway because I didn't want to sound like a petulant child when I was already upset about the Review. After all, it's a job, and right now, isn't that what's important? I hope things ease enough hiring-wise internally so I can post out. For the first time I actually DO want to leave my department. (Interesting this happens as it did in Word Processing under this same supervisor. At least she's nicer about it now.)

But Saturday was a good one. We took tiirz out for her birthday to eat nommy Dim Sum out at the Phoenix Palace and stuffed ourselves; then we hung around watching stuff after presents were given. I showed the always impressively bad Sharktopus, then we watched the entire first season of The Big Bang Theory. Much laughter was to be had. We missed framefolly something fierce, especially in the episode where Sheldon is learning Mandarin.

Malificent arrives to cut short the festivities at one of the shows. "Believe in dreams!"

And a video:

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