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That For Which I Am Thankful

Cold outside, warm inside. (Seriously, it IS cold here. The back porch thermometer says it's 50 F.)
Turkey in the oven, filled with Barb's rice/chestnut stuffing.
Pumpkin gingerbread, some of which was breakfast.
Diet Coke with Lime.
Two annoying cats and an annoying dog, all of whom have been underfoot every time I've been in the kitchen trying to get things ready.
A wonderful wife, who puts up with ME.
Friends, especially those who also put up with ME and have for years.
A marvelously generous mom and a darling, understanding mom-in-law.
Japanese lucky cats
Good food
The truck appears to be completely fixed now (knock wood).

I may not watch the dog show after the parade today, despite tradition, simply because they hardly ever show any of the dogs I WANT to see, only the "popular" breeds. But we'll see. I do like the doggies...
Tags: holidays, thanksgiving

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