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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope it's being a perfect, wonderful, food-filled day for everyone here in the States! (And of course, just a good day for those not here!)

Sitting down to the traditional tape-delayed Parade (although saw a bit of the live one on CBS earlier) on NBC. Wow, Summer Glau is going to be there? Has she gone mainstream?

Poor Woody. Buzz Lightyear is a balloon. Eleven years, he still comes up short. At least in the end Andy chose him (mild spoiler).

All the faux-country songs in the opening dance number, at least they closed with the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Something that's actually country (if sampled and re-mixed into near unrecognizability).

I bought a Disney beach towel on Castaway Cay, determining it will be my all-important travel towel (very important to have a towel, of course), and I think it's notable that the characters represented thereon are Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip & Dale, and STITCH. Somehow my strange little alien has, apparently, become one of the most popular characters of all time. Back in 2008, when Barb and I went for our honeymoon, he was very much in evidence; I had assumed then it was because of the television show or the straight-to-DVD films. But now? Still? The last Stitch movie was 2006.


I realized with some amount of annoyance and sadness that nearly ALL of my Christmas/Holiday movies and such are still on VHS, and I now no longer have a VHS hooked up to my entertainment system. I may have to figure out how to fix this dilemma in the next few days or I will be very sad. (In some cases I have refused to buy the DVDs because in my mind it is STUPID to spend the money for ONE "Charlie Brown Special" on a single DVD, when they could easily put four or five of them on one.)

I do at least have Holiday Inn and White Christmas on DVD, as well as a couple others. But I'm going to NEED Bernard and the Genie. Oh, yes.

For Day 85, the tree at the opening of the Animal Kingdom:

Happy happy to all! Time to put the turkey in the oven!


Nov. 25th, 2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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