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Finally! A Real Post!

Thanks to all my patient friends as I caught up with my photo meme. I hope everyone liked the pictures. There will be one for today, which is Day 84, but in the meantime, thoughts for the day.

The turkey is in the brine, and we made a discovery -- we got a kosher bird from Trader Joe's because the pre-brined turkeys there were so small, and when I opened it to get it ready for my own brine, I found only the neck inside. No liver, no heart, no gizzard. Dang! I didn't even think about how that wouldn't be kosher (to put uncooked liver inside a koshered bird). Oh, well. At least there's a neck to boil down.

Barb's pie is baking, my pumpkin gingerbread came out nicely, and we seem to have gotten everything we need for tomorrow (knock wood). I ran over to Fry's about an hour or two ago (which would have been around 1 in the afternoon) and the place was jam-packed. I parked clear out at the edge of the parking lot and maneuvered through the hordes. I mean, I knew the day before Thanksgiving would be busy, but assumed at that time of the day most people would be at work and the real rush would be after 4 or 5. (But I was wrong.)

Words: 14,339. I'm not going to give up yet.

I have to wrap Tiirz's present for Saturday's birthday celebration this weekend.

I'm sort of been trying to pack up my summer clothes and get out all my sweaters, since it's gone and gotten cold since we left. Also catching up on the DVR; currently in the middle of three weeks' worth of Fringe--ack, ack, poor Olivia! Hee hee, "Walternate." ACK! Really scary alt-Olivia! Good stuff, this.

Should I make fudge or candy/cookie bars?

This woman wants to run for President of the United States: “Well, North Korea, this is stemming from I think, a greater problem when we’re all, you know, sittin’ around askin’, ‘Oh, no, what are we gonna do,’ and we’re not having a lotta faith that the White House is gonna come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is North Korea is gonna do, so this speaks to a bigger picture that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy, but obviously some stand with our North Korean allies we’re bound to by freedom; we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies. And to my North Korea, well, we’re not gonna reward bad behavior and we’re not gonna walk away and we do need to press China to do more to improve pressure on North Korea.” (Seriously, that's a real quote.) I weep for my country.

Me and Barb with Mickey & "Uncle Walt":

Mom took the picture. She was having trouble with my camera, but this one came out okay, I think.

Bonus photo:

The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. Distinctly different than the one at Disneyland. We were sort of making a list of what things were better where -- the Tiki Room, for example, is FAR superior in Disneyland, largely because they haven't screwed with it as they have done in Disney World, making it "more modern." Feh. But Splash Mountain is far superior in Disney World, and Disney World has the luxury to not pull out old rides to make way for the new -- since they were able to put Tarzan in the Animal Kingdom, f'example, it's still the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse in Disney World. On the other hand, Disney World does NOT have the Indiana Jones Adventure ride (although the "Dinosaur!" ride in Animal Kingdom is basically the same thing, only with dinosaurs instead of Indy).

But it was nice to have the old, hokey, wonderful Haunted Mansion ride. Grim Grinning Ghosts, yes, indeed.
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