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On Day 80, we were at Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Lines owns a little island called Castaway Cay, and thus, since our ship was the only one docked there, the only people around were the crew and passengers of the Wonder. It was delightful. Despite being careful with the sunscreen, I missed several spots and am STILL painfully sunburned along the edge of my decolletage, which I apparently missed completely.

The cluster of people you can see under the trees there in the picture was a wedding - very awesome wedding trip, I must say! Everyone on the beach applauded when the conclusion arrived, then they took pictures for ages. It was very sweet.

The water was chilly but the sun was HOT, so we swam quite a bit. There were schools of adorable little neons skimming around in the clear, clear water, and we really should have rented snorkels.

Bonus shot: Barb and Mom setting up our little area:

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