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I grow old, I grow old

But I probably won't wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

There I was, Friday evening at a three-day convention, and I was exhausted. I mean, totally, and completely, bone-weary exhausted. I wondered how I'd ever manage, and I was giving rahirah the idea that I was bored and/or unhappy (which wasn't the case, really). Fortunately, I recovered at some point during Saturday, and by Sunday I was back to my college-era self, ready for another day and enjoying myself completely. I think it was the first time I ever went to closing ceremonies.

It was definitely one of the best-run cons I've ever been to, especially for one that was small and mostly one-topic oriented. Of course, that may have helped. All the panels were interesting and the workshops were cool, although starting them late Saturday night made it hard to concentrate. The one on language in erotica could have been a LOT cooler if my brain had been more clearly engaged. Jane Espenson was AWESOME -- but I think that any GOH is always more fun when they're obviously a fan themselves. :) And hey, I came home with an actual fanfic boiling in my mind (started at the Point-Of-View workshop).

VEGAS, Baby! Now, I love Las Vegas. I can't explain why, since normally annoying crowds and big, crowded cities give me hives. Maybe it's the glorious tackiness of the whole thing. Maybe it's the lights (ooh, shiny!) Maybe it's the weird scale. Every time I go, Caesars gets bigger. But anyway, I love it, and I may have been a little hyper about the fact that I didn't get to see as much of it as I'd have liked. We didn't get to ride the new monorail, f'example (although we did get to see the tigers). Recommendation: If you stay at the Imperial Palace, and you may, because of the extremely reasonable room rates (especially for the central Strip), whatever you do, DON'T EAT THERE!!! Walk down the block to the Flamingo, where the buffet is reasonable, plentiful, and delicious! There were crab legs and Sacher torte on Sunday, plus they have a beautiful view of their Flamingo gardens (where there are a variety of exotic birds, not just flamingos, but secretary birds and penguins and ibises). Of course, part of my intense interest in Vegas has been added to by a vampire who loves the place (my characters often drive my interest), but I liked it even before Sean Patrick appeared, so...

Anyway, we had an uneventful drive home and managed to sleep some despite a cat who apparently really missed us and needed petting and reassurance every hour or so (and desperately needs his claws trimmed). We got in just about 2 am; I was up and cleaning the spam out of the email box around 10 due to said cat, and then we either had a transformer pop or were victims of a rolling blackout (if they're doing that; haven't had local news for a few days) for about a half-hour, which put a brief thwart on my attempt to get things done, but fortunately brief.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone, if any of y'all actually read my ramblings -- maybe next time I can lose the first name "and" (as I was frequently introduced as the "and Kathy" part of "Barb" :D ). Lots and lots of fun things to ponder.

Annoying thing: Turned on MusicChoice on the digital cable and found they've removed the Americana station. Had to write to them to complain about that.
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